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Chronology of Endorsements & References

June 2010
Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur
Multilingual edition 3 June 2010 by ON4UN & ON4WW
Item II.10.2.6 The RSQ Report system. Outlines the RSQ discussion and RSQ reporting table

November 2008
IARU Region 1 meeting Cavtat Croatia
Proposed by the NRRL Norway.
Recommendation CT08_C5_Rec15: It is recommended that RSQ (Readability Strength Quality) reporting may be used for digital modes if applicable (e.g. PSK31), and that MOS (Mean Opinion Score) reporting be used for digital voice, as a supplement or substitute to the RST (Readability Strength Tone) reporting scale.
Recommendation CT08_C5_Rec16: The recommendation and the RSQ and MOS reporting scales with notes should be included in the HF- and the VHF Managers Handbook.
R1 CT08 Proposal
R1 CT08 Recommendations

August 2006
IARU Region 3 meeting Bangalore India
Proposed by the WIA Australia.
Recommendation WG2-5: It is recommended that RSQ reporting be used for digital modes below 30 MHz.
IARU R3 adoption of RSQ reporting
WIA RSQ Paper to IARU R3 meeting Aug 06

September 2005
IARU Region 1 meeting Davos Switzerland
Proposal by the Austrian Radio Society (OeVSV)
Recommendation DV05_C4_Rec_28. It is recommended that RSQ reporting be used for digital modes. It was further suggested it should be part of the HF Manager's handbook.
IARU R1 minutes
OeVSV proposal
CQ Mag RSQ Article
Original WIA Article